The guy: Kenny Vermeulen, 26, West-Vlaamse Gentenaar. Digital Director 99,9% online. Chaotic, adventurous. Doesn’t know how to read a map. Snapchat lover.

The girl: Dorien Pauwels, 26, Vlaams-Brabantse Gentenaar. Digital Project Manager. Adores with hotels and bath tubs. Can’t stand bugs. Instagram lover.

Opposites with 1 goal: see the world. Citytripping, exotic tripping, glamping. By train, bike or plane. Whenever, wherever. Using their blog to share experiences, ideas and many many mistakes they made so you won’t need to.

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196 countries in the world to choose from. Like a kid in a candy store. Where to go, what to see? As 20-somethingers we'd like to share our experiences, ideas and fails. Many many fails.