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Because not everyone likes an unprepared journey, I collect what surprises me. Keeping in mind all the cliches, wild stories and warning I get beforehand. How much of it is true, how much is crazy talk? First in de series ‘x things you should know about’: Beijing. Read More


I have those moments. They ensure that I decide to travel Asia for eight months and ensure on a Friday that I decide to book a weekend in Frankfurt. Why Frankfurt? Well, plane tickets were too expensive by the ridiculously late decision. And Paris and associates we’ve done already. So I was looking for a new destination to do with the car. In addition, I started from the fact that my lady likes to sleep at a fancy hotel. So I just checked Design Hotels and saw what were the possibilities.

The only affordable one that also looked nice: 25 Hours Levi’s Hotel in Frankfurt. What I knew about Frankfurt? Nothing. Booked the hotel, notified the misses and packed the bags. On to the unfamiliar city. But not before I launched a small question on Facebook. Does anyone have tips about Frankfurt? Big points for Tess from RetsenDetsen. She’d spent several days for her work in Frankfurt and had a deluge of good tips. The rest of my Facebook talked about a dull, gray city. As one where the European Bank is and with nothing else to do. Hurray, big expectations! Read More


Small geography lesson: France is made up of regions and departments. One of these departments is Lozère. Which is surrounded by Cantal, Haute-Loire, Ardèche, Gard and Aveyron. That, in itself is not so special. But it is also the second most sparsely populated county (after French Guiana), and the highest of all in its entirety. In other words, a pack of nature and not as many people. I checked out if the 9 hour drive from Ghent was well worth it.

After 5 days hopping around and cruising my Fiat I can say: yes! Yes Yes Yes! Hop in your car and drive down there. Seriously! Read More


To promote the end of the skiing season in France loads of ski resorts combined forces and created ‘Skiing into Spring‘. On the website you can find 5 good reasons why skiing in April is great and you can score some pretty awesome deals. I was invited by the tourist office of Rhône Alpes to see with my own eyes if those 5 reasons where true.

Disclaimer: I ain’t no great skier. I was invited as a ‘lifestyle- and travel blogger’ I guess. So I wouldn’t be able to judge on the quality of the snow myself. Good thing Mother Nature gave me a mouth and some English and French skills to ask my fellow skiers important questions. So skiing into Spring. Yay or nay? Read More


What do you do when you have a long trip planned in July and  you need to save some pennies? Book a citytrip somewhere in Europe, right? To a place where it seems both nice and cheap. The Berlin of Eastern Europe: Budapest.

One fairly long weekend later I’d dare to say: Budapest you rock! What a lovely town! That mix between old and new, culture and architecture. Such fun. Hipster restaurants with organic products on the one hand and the pure Hungarian food on the other. Side by side. And at 19 degrees with a beautiful sunshine. Read More


Suppose you have a lot of time and you want to see the real Thailand, where you pull to? In the North you got Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai still mainly among the tourists. In the South you have the revelers along with the beach hangers. And Central and West leaves you with the Bangkok Lovers.Then just to the East. Right?

“The North-East of Thailand is called Isaan and is the poorest region of Thailand.They have their own language, Isaan, and their own culture. But really great tourist spots are not there. No monuments, no temples, no spectacular wildlife. Yet there is one place why you should visit the Isaan for sure. Namely Phu Kradueng. Read More


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