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7 things you should know about Beijing – China

Because not everyone likes an unprepared journey, I collect what surprises me. Keeping in mind all the cliches, wild stories and warning I get beforehand. How much of it is true, how much is crazy talk? First in de series ‘x things you should know about’: Beijing.


Hidden gem in Thailand: Phu Kradueng

Suppose you have a lot of time and you want to see the real Thailand, where you pull to? In the North you got Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai still mainly among the tourists. In the South you have the revelers along with the beach hangers. And Central and West leaves you with the Bangkok Lovers.Then just to the East. Right?

“The North-East of Thailand is called Isaan and is the poorest region of Thailand.They have their own language, Isaan, and their own culture. But really great tourist spots are not there. No monuments, no temples, no spectacular wildlife. Yet there is one place why you should visit the Isaan for sure. Namely Phu Kradueng.