Go visit Lozère this summer (just not all of you at once)

Small geography lesson: France is made up of regions and departments. One of these departments is Lozère. Which is surrounded by Cantal, Haute-Loire, Ardèche, Gard and Aveyron. That, in itself is not so special. But it is also the second most sparsely populated county (after French Guiana), and the highest of all in its entirety. In other words, a pack of nature and not as many people. I checked out if the 9 hour drive from Ghent was well worth it.

After 5 days hopping around and cruising my Fiat I can say: yes! Yes Yes Yes! Hop in your car and drive down there. Seriously!

Lozère actually can be divided into 3 types of activities in which it offers fantastic opportunities again: eat & sleep, nature pots and sports.

Eating and sleeping:

The nice thing about Lozère is just the sparsely populated areas. Here you should expect no big hotel chains but rustic small specials. I slept in a medieval village in La Régordane. A tremendous place which is rightly described by TripAdvisor  customers as ‘Magic’. Read more about it here. And then there was the fairytale castle Chateau de la Caze, for those who want to spend a night in luxury. Strange thing is that there are plenty of those little Lozère, striking spots. Do not expect ultra-modern rooms. It is mainly the setting that makes your jaw drop. So much so that Dorien upon arrival at the medieval town threw all her luggage on the floor and just stared silently  ahead with a blissful smile on her face. Oh, and no fear. Even in such a remote region often at 1000m altitude you get working wifi anywhere. For those who want to make their friends at home super jealous. And that’s just sleeping. Also in terms of food you’re good in Lozère. They have their own local cheeses, their meat from Aubrac and then a lot of their own wines. Yup, you do not have to starve there.

Nature Pots:

Actually, you do not even have to take the care to enjoy nature. Just anywhere in Lozère it is beautiful. But you will need to drive anyway. The zigzagging, perfect roads are a dream for every driver and motorcyclist. Warm appeal to all bikers: book your summer vacation there and go driving around 2 weeks. You will not regret it. So beautiful, so quiet. For those who want some more nature-watching, there are a number of Lozère landscaped very nice trails. In the air you have your way with seven recognized paragliding starting spots. At the top of the mountains deep in the earth, Lozère has a lot of pleasant caves. I myself visited the Aven Armand (Armand is the “inventor” of caving) and must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Using 3D mapping Jules Verne took you on a journey through the imagination. Ideal day out for the whole family.


Going all the time in nature, is that boring? Well, for me, quite a bit actually. I can not escape more that two days. Fortunately, there is a catch to do in terms of sport. There are water sports. I did my first time of canyoning there and oh boy what was happy. You walk an hour or 6 in the river with here and there a natural water slide, a jump of a meter or 6 and above all a super pleasant guide. Hop to Lozère and canyon with the men of Grande Nature. They’re the best.

There is also the slightly quieter kayaking, but in a much more magnificent setting than in the Belgian Ardennes. And there is of course fishing and swimming. In addition, the rocks offer some Via Ferratta, mountain biking through the woods and of course potholing in the caves.

[highlight] TL; DR: After 5 days I’ve lost my heart in Lozère. So beautiful, so quiet and still so much to do and explore. Keep in mind that you’ll have a lot of driving around. But with the sun on your face the perfect streets that is not that bad. [/highlight]

This trip was sponsored by Atout France. All information and opinions are of course completely honest. If something is good, then it’s good. Is it slightly less, then it’s less.

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