Things to do during a weekend of Frankfurt.

I have those moments. They ensure that I decide to travel Asia for eight months and ensure on a Friday that I decide to book a weekend in Frankfurt. Why Frankfurt? Well, plane tickets were too expensive by the ridiculously late decision. And Paris and associates we’ve done already. So I was looking for a new destination to do with the car. In addition, I started from the fact that my lady likes to sleep at a fancy hotel. So I just checked Design Hotels and saw what were the possibilities.

The only affordable one that also looked nice: 25 Hours Levi’s Hotel in Frankfurt. What I knew about Frankfurt? Nothing. Booked the hotel, notified the misses and packed the bags. On to the unfamiliar city. But not before I launched a small question on Facebook. Does anyone have tips about Frankfurt? Big points for Tess from RetsenDetsen. She’d spent several days for her work in Frankfurt and had a deluge of good tips. The rest of my Facebook talked about a dull, gray city. As one where the European Bank is and with nothing else to do. Hurray, big expectations!